How to Help Your Puppy Conquer Its Fear of the Vet

Properties Animal Clinic, Pet CareIf you think your dog needs to go to a Calgary Vet Clinic, but it doesn’t feel like it, it must be afraid of seeing a vet. Dogs, and even animals in general, develop this kind of fear when they are traumatized by their first visit to the vet. The bad smells, moaning animals and people in lab coats strike fear in your dog because the sight is something that it is not used to. It has no idea that the people at the vet are there to help it, not to do harm. Your dog actually needs some veterinary care for it to be protected from future illness, but it does not comprehend that.

When your dog is sent to the vet and it feels uneasy, it’s often hard to restrain it. It can either be aggressive or it can be evasive. The atmosphere of an animal clinic can be daunting to any type of animal that comes inside of it. However, it is necessary for your pet to be taken there for its shots .and further examination. This situation gets stressful not only to you, but also to the staff of the animal clinic. There are ways for you to discipline your dog into going to the vet. Here are ways on how to help your dog conquer that fear:

Do practice examination

If you start to do physical examination with your dog at home, they can adjust to what the vet will do once they are at the clinic. Sometimes, the only reason why your dog is afraid of the vet is because it’s not used to being touched. When you simulate what vets do during examination, your dog can acclimate faster when an actual vet does it. Make careful check-ups on your dog at home. Check its ears, teeth and its paws. You want to make sure that you restrain it from clawing or biting you. Give it treats if its stays calm during your check-up.

Stay calm cool and collected

If in case, an emergency arises, never ever panic on your way to the vet. Dogs can actually sense people’s emotion based on facial expression and body language, so try to stay calm as possible. Collect yourself and don’t do anything that can trigger your dog to feel uncomfortable. Instead of worrying, try to comfort your dog in soft tones by saying that everything’s going to be okay. All they need, at this point, is reassurance from their owner. If it’s not an emergency, don’t force your dog to go to the vet. Try to take your time in making it go to the clinic.

Take your pup to the vet early

It’s better that you start taking your dog to the vet while it’s still young. It’s a good idea to make your pet be accustomed to the atmosphere of an animal clinic. If it experiences physical examination from the vet early, it will feel comfortable with the process in the future. It must be instilled in its mind that a trip to the vet is not an unpleasant experience.

Find vets that make house calls

There are cases in which a vet is the one who visits a house to check on a dog. However, it must only be done to make your dog feel comfortable with a vet. Once it starts to behave in front of a vet, start sending it to the clinic immediately. It’s only a temporary solution to your problem.


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